Values of Dance Team - I Firmly believe in the values that being on Dance Team have that will last your child a lifetime.  Whether or not your child will ever be a professional dancer, dance in college, or for fitness their entire lives.  Dance Team teaches them great time management skills, goal setting, how to push themselves to their fullest potential, how to perform in front of a group, strive for greatness, responsibility, team work, dedication, grace, character, integrity, and gives them an opportunity to meet like minded supportive friends and community.  These are wonderful life skills they will take with them from this experience and have forever! 



We offer incredible performing & training opportunities for our team students. Starting at Age 5-6 students can join our Mascots team. Ages 7-18 we offer two different teams a Spirit Team that trains 5hrs per week and performs for community and charity events as well as one convention/competition and an Elite Team that trains 10-20hrs per week competes in one or more competitions as well as community and charity events. We believe in creating a Live/Work/Family life balance. Our focus is on training and artistry, not tricks and rehearsals. We made a conscious effort to call this a “team” to create a supportive, drama free community and atmosphere that students can have a group of like-minded friends they can trust and depend on.


Our pre-professional elite dance team has become well known for its innovative artistry and concert style contemporary choreography. Our foundation is built on our strong classical ballet technique. However it is the fact that all of our dancers study such a unique, versatile array of classes from world-class master teachers in contemporary, classical ballet, tap, hip-hop, modern and acrobatics that makes us stand out and unique. I am proud to say that on top of dancing 10-20hrs a week the majority of my elite team are also straight A honor students in school. They are an amazing group of individuals on and off the dance floor. They all support one another and share a strong bond. They are not about flashy costumes or awards they are “true artists” and young storytellers who are passionate about the “Art of Dance”.