General Questions

Q: How is the Degas experience different from other studios?

A: Degas Dance Studio focuses on individual attention, career development and guidance.  We are dedicated to working as hard as the student does to help them achieve their dance and performing goals from joining the school dance team to becoming a professional dancer.  

Degas Dance Studio faculty consists of LA top industry professionals many who teach master classes all over the world.  We have handpicked the best of the best in each style so our students get a really well rounded and diverse study. 

There is clear communication between us and the parents & students to address strengths and weaknesses.  Schedules can then be uniquely tailored each session to accommodate what is best for the student to help them achieve their personal goals.

Degas Dance Studio is a supportive community of students, faculty, and families.  We firmly believe in a "It Takes A Village" philosophy and we incorporate life lessons whenever possible. We are so blessed to have such wonderful students and families that help create a very friendly and supportive environment for all of our students to learn. 

Q: What levels of training does Degas offer?

A: Recreational: Ages 3-Adult. No class minimum. Students participate in an end-of-the-year recital.

Academy: Ages 5-18. 3 hr/week minimum for accelerated classes. Students participate in our Nutcracker and End of The Year Production.

Pre-Professional Training & Development (Team Only): Ages 5-18. 5-20 hrs/week based on student’s age. Students participate in our Nutcracker and End of The Year Production as well as competitions and other performance opportunities.


Q: What type of pre-professional performance opportunities does Degas offer?

A: Academy and Pre-Professional students have the opportunity to perform in our Nutcracker and End-of-the-Year production. In addition Degas Dance Studio has a variety of levels of team:

1. Mascots: Ages 5-6 (3hrs/week)

2. Mini: Ages 7-9 (5hrs/week)

3. Junior: Ages 9-11 (8hrs/week)

4. Pre-Professional Elite Jr. and Teen teams (min. 10+hrs.)

We also offer professional performing opportunities and experience.  Dancers perform for benefits, charity gala events, theatre productions and carefully selected competitions, music videos, festivals and more.  


Q: How does Degas treat competitions differently than other studios?

A:  We have carefully selected a very limited number of commercial dance competitions that we participate in.  We feel that it is beneficial for the students to dance with and for their peers in the community and helps motivate and inspire them to a greater level. Serious Ballet/Contemporary dancers that are possibly going the route of joining a professional company compete in YAGP - Youth America Grand Prix. 

We approach competitions in a completely different way.  Costumes, music and choreography are age appropriate and geared to an artistic quality.  Hair/Make Up is a "done" natural look and fits the style or story of the piece.  

We approach competition and students wanting to be in the entertainment industry the same.  We want them to have a solid foundation both in dance and a good head on their shoulders.  We try to instill that the importance is in the Art, the love, and the work you do in the studio not the reward whether it be a trophy or red carpet. We are artists that have been given a beautiful gift. 


Q:  Where did the name Degas come from?

A:  Degas Dance Studio gets its name from the famous French painter Edgar Degas.  Degas is well known for painting ballet dancers among other subjects.  The “Degas” in Degas Dance Studio is pronounced the French way (Day-Ga) not like Vegas.  We felt this name closely related to our philosophy of teaching - The Art of Dance.

Payment Questions

Q:  How long are sessions at Degas?

A:  We have moved from sessions to a monthly payment system but once you registered you are enrolled for the entire year.  You must email notify us on or before the 15th for the following month to drop or switch any classes. 


Q:  When are payments due?

A:  Payment is due on the 20th of every month and must be received by the first of the month.. (To see our tuition click here.)


Q:  Can I pay with credit card?

A:  Yes.  To pay with a credit card just use our online registration and schedule system Visa/Mastercard only.


Q:  When is the annual registration fee due?

A:  We collect the $25 registration fee at the time of signing each year.  One fee covers an entire family for one year.


Q:  What other costs can I expect to pay in addition to tuition and the annual registration fee?

A:  We try to keep fees to a minimum but production costs (costumes, tickets, etc.) and competition costs are extra. There is a $100 per person per production Nutcracker and End of Year Production fee that covers costume rental, professional video uploaded to free video link to share with your friends and family. This fee also helps us cover the very expensive costs of such large scale productions. *Production Fee does NOT include tickets. 


Q:  Does Degas offer trial classes?

A:  Yes.  Let us know that you’d like to try a class and the first class is free.


Q:  How do makeup classes work?

A:  Students can make up classes by taking another class within their age and level.  No refunds.