Selected Videos:

Trailer for GAIA: Unplug & Reconnect.  Presented by Degas Dance Studio.

Degas Dance Team Duet "End Game" Choreographed by Sarah Silkin. Received top 12 and 2nd Place for all duo/trio and ensembles at YAGP LA. Invited and performed at YAGP NY Finals.

Degas Dance Team performing "Lost" Contemporary/Hip Hop.  Choreographed by Dasha Tertova.

Degas Dance Studio team performing BGirlz. Choreographed by Cliff Tan Mix'd Elements and Katrina Amante. Ballet Dancers & Breakdancers!

Degas Dance Studio Team duet ages 8 & 9 performing "Jack & Jill" at YAGP LA 2016. Choreographed by Anacia Weiskittel. Received Top 12 duo/Trio/ensembles at YAGP LA regional event and the "awe award" at ASH Artist Simply Human.

Degas Dance Studio Team performing "Hourglass" at ASH Artist Simply Human. Choreographed by Gina Starbuck. Received the Stand Out award and Showcase Award performance in closing show.